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The Time Paradox - Philip Zimbarod

· Leadership,Personal Development

The Time Paradox - how successful people balance past, the present and the future (Philip Zimbardo)

Whilst I am on my life's journey, I find myself increasingly attracted by the question what makes people more successful and happy in life. One of the most revealing concepts I found recently is about the individual perspective on time. Surely you met some people who could not let the past go, grieving and unhappy. Equally you may have met people obsessed about the future, not able to enjoy the here and the now.

Psychologist Zimbardo has done extensive research on this topic, and developed a method to measure our time perception vs the typical distributions. He also developed what he thinks is an optimal balance between the past, the present and the future. I thought you may find this an interesting tool to add to your personal development toolbox.

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