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Fear setting rather than goal setting

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Goal setting is not enough

Very inspiring TED Talk by Tim Ferris taking a different spin at framing your mind towards success, basically building on the basic principles of Stoism: Separating what you can influence from what you can not, and focus on the first.

We are all used to set ourselves goals. In Business we call them MbO, privately we may set ourselves goals to buy that dream home, or embark on new adventures such as changing roles. Or may be we think about founding a family or getting married. Both I can only recommend - if you found the right partner.

However, often we may hold ourselves back to embark on a change in your private or professional life. Fears of what could go wrong is probably one of the main reason why sometime we may prefer to leave things as they are. Since it has always been like that. Well, better be aware of the costs of not changing, these are often underestimated. We all know the famous Kodak MBA case study becoming famous for complacency.

Start to do Fear Setting ... not just Goal Setting

Hope I could motivate you to explore the use of a new tool Tim calls 'fear setting'. Effectively fear setting is all about thinking on what could go wrong. What is the worst that could happen from this change? Write it down. And then go on and think about how could you prevent that from happening? And write it down. Or reduce the likelihood? Write it down. Yes, we also call this risk management in business, but fear setting goes well beyond that, since it puts your mind at ease and prevents your fears to hold you back. As Seneca highlighted long time ago: "We suffer more often in imagination than in reality."

Having personally moved ut of the box at increasing pace, I know very well how fears can be frightening from personal and professional change. But then think about the upside, and limit the downside. I am sure you find this helpful, very happy to discuss!

Warm regards,

Watch Tim's TED Talk here

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